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Denzel Curry : Ta13oo

Release date 21.09.2018
Package type LP package
Medium LP
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521 CZK w/ VAT původní cena: 579 CZK sleva: 10%
IN STOCK delivered in 3 days
EAN 0888072056350


A1 Taboo | Ta13oo
A2 Black Balloons | 13lack 13alloonz
A3 Cash Maniac | Cazh Man1ac
A4 Sumo | Zumo
A5 Super Saiyan Superman | Zuper Za1yan Zuperman
A6 Switch It Up | Zw1tch 1t Up
A7 Mad I Got It | Mad 1 Got 1t
B1 Sirens | Z1renz
B2 Clout Cobain | Clout Co13a1n
B3 The Blackest Balloon | The 13lackezt 13alloon
B4 Percs | Percz
B5 Vengeance | Vengeance
B6 Black Metal Terrorist | 13 M T

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