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Behemoth : Opvs Contra Natvram

Release date 16.09.2022
Package type LP package
Medium / qty LP / 1
Performer Behemoth
Price in eshop
609 CZK w/ VAT původní cena: 699 CZK sleva: 13%
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EAN 0727361598310


Strana A:
1. Post-God Nirvana
2. Malaria Vvlgata
3. The Deathless Sun
4. Ov My Herculean Exile
5. Neo-Spartacvs

Strana B:
1. Disinheritance
2. Off To War!
3. Once Upon A Pale Horse
4. Thy Becoming Eternal
5. Versvs Christvs

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