Sorry but currently it is not possible to buy digital and physical goods at once.

Payment options

We offer these payment methods:

1. On delivery - You pay when the goods are delivered. Not possible four foreign countries (except Slovakia)

2. Credit and debit card - an instanat payment. The payment occurs via a registered 3rd party which meets all the requirements from all banks. You never have to send us your credit card number or CVC code.

3. Pamanet via Platba 24 (Česká spořitelna), eKonto (Raiffeisenbank) - after order confirmation you will be redirected to your banks online system where you can aprove the order and payment details. We can never access your payment information as it never leaves the bank.

4. In advance - you pay via a bank transfer for your goods in advance. It is the only possible method for many countries. you are eligable for any and all transaction fees (OUR). Your transfer should be in CZK (ask your bank about it).

Payments in EUR (Slovenská republika), will be converted with an exchage rate 26,1Kč for 1€. Payment must be made in €.

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