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Complaints Procedure Rules

1. Basic provisions

 The Complaints Procedure Rules published on this page (hereinafter referred to as CPR ) apply to shopping through the e-shop and is part of the concluded purchase contract. The operator of the online store is Supraphon Entertainment , as, with its registered office at Palackého 740/1, 110 00, Prague 1, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Insert 24409, Company ID: 08166820, Tax ID: CZ08166820, number Account: 264 631 746/0300. RŘ regulates relations between the buyer and the seller in the area of ​​the sale of goods between Supraphon Entertainment , as (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller") and its business partners (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer"). 

The buyer has access to this CPR and thus has the opportunity to become acquainted with them before placing the order. By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he has familiarized himself with this CPR - which is part of the General Terms and Conditions - and that he agrees with it.

All contractual relations are concluded in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. If the contracting party is a consumer, relations not regulated by the Complaints Procedure Rules are governed by the Civil Code (No. 40/1964 Coll.) And the Consumer Protection Act (No. 634/1992 Coll.). If the contracting party is an entrepreneur, relations not regulated by the Complaints Procedure Code are governed by the Commercial Code, No. 513/1991 Coll., All as amended.

2. Definition of terms

A consumer contract is a purchase contract, a contract for work, or other contracts if the parties are the consumer on the one hand and the supplier on the other.

The seller is a person who, when concluding and performing the contract, acts in the course of his business or other business activities. It is an entrepreneur who, directly or through other entrepreneurs, supplies products or services to the buyer. In relationships, which are subject to these Terms and Conditions, it is:
Supraphon Entertainment , Inc., based Palackého 740/1, 110 00 Praha 1, recorded at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Insert 24409, ID: 08166820, VAT: CZ08166820, account number: 470950/5500. The customer of our online store is the buyer. Given the applicable legislation, a distinction is made between a buyer who is a consumer and a buyer who is not a consumer.

The buying consumer or only the consumer is a person who, during the conclusion and performance of the contract, does not act in the course of his business or other business activity. It is a natural or legal person who purchases products or uses services for purposes other than doing business with those products or services.

A non-consumer Buyer (hereinafter referred to as the “Buyer not a Consumer”) is a person who, in concluding and performing the Contract, acts in the course of his business or other business and who purchases products or uses services for the purpose of doing business with those products or services. This buyer is governed by the terms and conditions to the extent that concern him and the Commercial Code.

3. Conflict with the purchase contract

If the item upon receipt by the buyer is not in conformity with the purchase contract (hereinafter referred to as conflict with the purchase contract), the buyer has the right to have the seller free of charge and without undue delay put the item into the state corresponding to the purchase contract replacement or repair; if such a procedure is not possible, the buyer may request a reasonable discount on the price of the item or withdraw from the contract. This does not apply if the buyer knew about the conflict with the purchase contract before taking over the item or caused the conflict with the purchase contract itself. Any conflict with the purchase contract, which becomes apparent within six months from the date of receipt of the thing, shall be deemed to exist already upon its receipt, unless this is contrary to the nature of the thing or unless it is proven otherwise. In contradiction with the contract of sale is understood in particular that the item sold does not have the quality and utility properties required by the contract, described by the seller or its representative, or expected by their advertising, or is not adequate in quantity, measure or weight and does not correspond to the purpose stated by the seller for the use of the item or for which the item is usually used.

4. Goods Warranty

The warranty period is calculated from the day when the buyer took over the goods. The statutory warranty period is 24 months, the seller can extend this warranty period. In this case, this information is given for the specific goods in its online store and also on the guarantee document (invoice). If the goods are exchanged, a new 24-month warranty begins. After settling the claim, the warranty period is extended by the duration of the claim. In the case of a manifestly unjustified complaint, where the manifestation of unlawfulness must have been obvious to the average consumer, the warranty period is not extended.

Acceptance of goods means the moment of handover of goods from the employee of the seller to the buyer or handover of goods to the buyer from the carrier. As proof of warranty, the seller submits to the buyer the purchase document (invoice) with all the data given by law.

At the consumer's request, the seller is obliged to provide a guarantee in writing (warranty card). If the nature of the item permits, it is sufficient to issue to the buyer a proof of purchase containing the information that must be included in the certificate of warranty instead of the warranty card. If the warranty is longer than the statutory warranty, the seller determines the terms and extent of the warranty extension in the warranty card. The warranty card must contain the name and surname, name or business name of the seller, the company registration number, registered office in case of a legal person or residence in the case of a natural person.

5. Warranty conditions

The Buyer is advised to check the external condition (integrity of the packaging, number of consignments) immediately after acceptance of the order together with the carrier according to the enclosed shipping note. If the consignment is manifestly incomplete or damaged, the buyer is entitled to refuse to accept such a consignment. If the buyer accepts such a shipment, the damage or incompleteness must be described in the carrier's handover protocol.

Incomplete or damaged shipment must be reported immediately to . In case of damaged shipment it is necessary to write a damage report with the carrier and send it to the seller immediately.

The place of complaint is Supraphon Musicpoint , at Jungmannovo nám. 17110 00 Prague 1, opening hours: Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 19:00, Sat: 10: 00-15: 00, Sun - closed . Claimed goods can also be sent to the address of the warehouse seller shipping service (such goods must not be sent cash on delivery, it should be insured, the shipment should also include a copy of the purchase document and a description of the defect or reason for complaint). The buyer chooses the preferred way of handling the claim (see below). The address of the warehouse is Supraphon Entertainment as, Jeremiášova 947/16, Prague 13, postcode 15500. Please state the complaint to 

The seller confirms receipt of the goods for the complaint in a suitable manner without delay (principally by email or in person at the store), stating the date of claim, what is the content of the complaint and how the complaint is requested by the buyer without undue delay.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by improper use and improper or improper handling, or any damages resulting therefrom. For electrical appliances, the warranty does not cover damage caused by overvoltage in the grid. The warranty also does not cover mechanically caused damage, damage caused by use in conditions that do not correspond to the conditions specified by the seller or the manufacturer, defects caused by improper assembly or neglect of care of goods, or excessive load that is contrary to the recommendations of the seller or manufacturer. The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from improper adjustment and to damage caused by natural forces or force majeure.

6. Complaint handling

If a defect occurs during the warranty period, depending on the nature of the defect, the buyer has the following rights under the warranty (the buyer has the choice):

·   in the case of a removable defect: the right to free, proper and timely removal of the defect; the right to exchange defective goods, unless this is disproportionate due to the nature of the defect; and if neither of the above procedures is possible, the right to a reasonable discount on the purchase price or the right to withdraw from the purchase contract,

·   if the defect is irremovable preventing the proper use of the goods: the right to exchange defective goods or the right to withdraw from the purchase contract,

·   in the case of defects removable in a large number or repeatedly and impeding the proper use of the goods (in principle 3 identical defects or 4 different defects): the right to exchange defective goods or withdrawal from the purchase contract,

·   in the case of irremovable defects that do not prevent the proper use of the thing and do not require replacement of the thing: the right to a reasonable discount on the purchase price or withdrawal from the contract.

The Seller shall decide on the claim immediately or no later than 3 working days from the receipt of the claim. This period does not include the time required for expert assessment of the defect. If the claim is acknowledged, the seller is obliged to resolve the claim within 30 days of the claim. After this period has expired, the buyer has the right to exchange goods for new or to withdraw from the purchase contract in case of an unresolved claim.

After settling the claim notifies the Seller of the Buyer by phone, SMS or e- mailem.V case of a warranty for the buyer is entitled to reimbursement of costs associated with claims (especially the costs necessary to the delivery of goods to the seller). In the case of a manifestly unjustified complaint, where the manifestation of unlawfulness must have been obvious to the average consumer, the cost of delivering the goods to the seller and the subsequent delivery of the goods to the buyer shall be borne by the buyer himself.

7. Final provisions

This Complaints Procedure comes into effect on 6 September 2010 and repeals all previous provisions and practices. The Seller reserves the right to change this Complaints Procedure without prior notice


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